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  • Paradigm Concepts Arcanis: Codex Geographica Vol. II The Ssethregoran Empire

Arcanis: Codex Geographica Vol. II The Ssethregoran Empire

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Codex Geographica vol. II

The Ssethregoran Empire

If you're looking to add some variety to the reptilian foes challenging your players, look no further. With more than forty creatures, including over a dozen different varieties of lizardfolk, the Ssethregoran Empire is sure to surprise your players with something new and different. 

The reptilian peoples known as ssethrics once dominated all that lived throughout the continent and beyond. From atop the Coiled Throne of Yahssremore, in what is now the First City in the Blessed Lands, they enslaved or exterminated numerous lesser races during the Extinction Wars and became masters of all they surveyed. This dominance was squandered by arrogance and centuries of decadence, after which the ssethrics found themselves overthrown by their own creations and sent fleeing for their lives, far into the swamps and jungles of the south. Now, in the fetid marshes of the Kraldjur Morass live their descendants in the Ssethregoran Empire. Fighting constant wars against the Malfelan elorii  and the Altherian Republic, the ssethric races seek to return to their rightful place as the overlords of Known Lands.

Within these pages you will find:

  • The history of the oldest empire in the history of Arcanis – including secret history about the world of Arcanis that soft-hides were never meant to know.
  • A horde of monstrous reptilian adversaries such as the batrachian hylis, aquatic pleisaurans, cunning ssanu, and full details on the savage ss’ressen egg clutches.
  • Details on ssethric sorcery including new spells, runes, and biomancy, the unique living magical technology of the empire.
  • Extensive geographic information about the lands occupied by the Ssethregoran Empire, from tropical rainforests to murky swamps and the mysterious underground caverns known as the Endless Dark.
  • Two complete ssethric pantheon of ancient and terrible gods, including Kassegore the Great Devourer, Yig the Life-Bringer, Jeggal Sag the Lord of Drakes, Wantiir, the ssethric Death God, and the Varn Pantheon of world destroying deities.
  • A detailed study of the history and culture of the Pariah Clutches – the Black Talons, Ghost Scale, and Ashen Hide ss’ressen.
  • Details on the three Houses of naga and their other-worldly overlords, the mysterious varn.
  • New Class Options, Divine Aspects, Fighter Archetypes, and Holy Champion Orders
  • New Backgrounds, Feats, and Spells
  • A Bestiary detailing some of the bizarre and dangerous creatures that inhabit the region

If you are ready to take lizardfolk, serpentfolk, and other scalykind beyond mere mindless reptilian monsters and turn them into the fully fleshed out, horrific menace they deserve to be, then this is the book for you! 

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